Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Advantages of Having Government Benefit Programs

Government benefit programs are important resources for helping citizens with financial difficulties. A benefit is an advantage one may receive which can be a payment made by the state as a profit gained from something. In order to gain that profit, one needs to meet the criteria in order to receive benefits from the government.

The requirements are different for each program, but its purpose it to help those with low incomes or no income at all. There are enough federal government benefit programs available to help people’s life situations and needs. A vast majority of citizens are benefited from any of these beneficial programs.

The government benefit programs gives the people who are not financially stable the opportunity to feed their family, get medical attention and pay for a college education. The government benefit programs are to promote equality because the government wants to make sure the basic needs to live are giving to all human beings.

These programs would make everyone economically equal since it would be redistributing wealth. If our government didn’t give food stamps to those who meet the criteria, then how are poor people supposed to eat. The less fortunate would just die out from starvation. Medicaid provides health coverage to those with low income to improve the health of those who might go without any medical attention. In regards to welfare, the government can improve them by drug testing the recipients of welfare by making sure they are using the money for the right reason, instead of using the money to feed their addictions. A solution would come to issuing a mandatory drug test to those who want to receive social welfare.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Government Food Stamp Programs

I think government programs are very important because there are lots of people who don’t have the opportunities to provide for themselves. Most of these people are going through a lot and I can really imagine how tough it is to depend on the government. People that don’t understand their circumstances would judge them but they have to think before judging someone because he or she could’ve been in the same predicament .They would know how it feels to be treated in such matter. Day by day, people get more judgmental instead of trying to fix certain situations. The world would be a better place if everyone work together as one to help out whoever’s in need. It’s hard to get a job, food, clothes and everything else get more expenses day by day. It’s hard to survive. Some people would love to go to school to further their education but they don’t have enough funds to support themselves and they don’t want to pay back loans all of their lives. Life is getting harder. The government is trying to help those people by providing housing, free cell phones for welfare recipients, HealthCare insurance etc.

Plenty people would’ve been homeless without it. I think The United States would lose its identity, it would look more like a poor country. Some parties are against those benefits, and if everything gets taken away things will be worse. People shouldn’t be selfish, you should have a giving heart to those who have less than you. My mom always taught me how to be such a caring person. People tend to take advantage of that but that shouldn’t change your character whatsoever. More people should try to humble themselves instead of putting others down. If you’re able to help someone that’s less fortunate than you, you should help and stop being selfish because God will give you more in return. People that are in need will feel grateful for such things and would wish to have more people like that on earth. More people should donate money to build more facilities, houses etc. for those who are in need. For example : Food stamps got cut by $5 billion dollars ,we should try to increase it again because it might not be enough for those who use foods stamps because food is getting more expensive, therefore they will be able to buy less items at the grocery stores.  I understand that America is trying to save money but we should also put into consideration not to turn the country into poverty.

The people that are under government assistance can’t probably find a job because of their bad records or might be disabled. We can’t let them live off the streets because they are regular people just the rest of us. They should be able to get treated fairly as everyone else. Lots of wealthy people rather waste their money on materialistic things instead of helping those who are suffering which is very self-centered but that’s just my opinion. They feel as if they should be able to do whatever they want with their money because they worked for it, which is true but also try to think about others besides yourself.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Medicaid Easily Helps You

Currently I am working for a government benefit program known as the Women Infants and Children also known as WIC; it is a nutritional supplementary program so that mothers and their children can be healthy even with financial difficulties.  Working here I have been able to see the importance of many government benefit programs. There are many parent that suffer of loss of a job due to being laid off and can’t provide the basic needs that their child needs, thanks to the government many kids don’t suffer from it. One of the biggest is Medicaid, with our program you automatically qualify if you are on Medicaid.

Medicaid allows parents to give their children medical attention when needed; kids shouldn’t lack of medical recourse due to their parents financial difficulties nor the parents suffer not being able to give their kids the medical resources they need and feel like bad parents. With our program we find it important to be up to date on immunizations. Immunizations are expensive however because of Medicaid parents are able to keep their kids up to date and healthy. When I was at a young age my parents actually were on WIC and Medicaid and thanks to the them looking out for help and for the government helping I am now a healthy nineteen year old that is in college and even working in WIC I see it as paying it forward.

A way that these programs can be improved is having staff attend fairs and set up a booth with information on all programs. There are many programs that are unheard of that others may benefit from. A way that we try and improve the effectiveness here at the WIC Clinic is to refer those that may seem to qualify to Medicaid or Food Stamps there so that they can get assistance; we explain that it is not a guarantee that they will qualify it is just another way of help. Since this is all government money that we are using I feel that the money should be used appropriately in order to help the most that we can. One of the ways to save money is to educate our clients the proper way. With the WIC program there is specific food to get to receive the nutrients that are needed. Food stamps do offer one class about nutrition but don’t necessarily have guides for them like WIC does. If you think about it the money received from food stamps would be a better use if one buys healthy food other than chips that don’t necessarily fill up the child with nutrients and protein needed to stay focused at school. Also going back to Medicaid they do provide one class that explains the different type of medical care there is however in the area I work there is a lot of language barrier. Having a class designated to others language would be very helpful so that they can understand what is being said.

Expanding on the education portion don’t you think that a lot of money would be saved if the clients understood the difference between urgent care and the emergency room. Around this area there was a lot of confusion and those on Medicaid thought that every time they were sick they needed to go to the emergency room and were confused on why, imagine how much money the government was spending on that. Now moving on with WIC program there is some fraud that goes on with clients selling the formula they receive. Formula is very expensive and the government not only loses money but also the client when they get caught they have to pay back the money resulting in a loss-loss because then they are suspended from the program and the other children may now suffer from not receiving the food they actually need. At the clinic to better our clients understanding we have posters and we remind them of their rights and responsibilities as participant at each visit.